Consulting — for Energy Conservation & Sustainability

Research & EcoDesign provides a broad range of consulting services, including generating innovative strategies to achieve energy conservation and sustainability, helping to integrate these strategies within the design; verifying compliance with “green building” standards; and carrying out climatic simulations.

Energy Conservation & Sustainability

The consultation process ranges between a single report, generated for a specific issue, and complete support, accompanying the entire design process, to ensure correct implementation. Recommendations are supported by advance climatic simulations to ensure best performance.

Recommendations can be provided for a wide range of expertise:

  • Architectural Form & Site Position
  • Insulation & Thermal Mass
  • Windows & Glassing
  • Optimal Shading for Windows & Outdoor
  • Passive Cooling & Heating
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Daylighting
  • Thermal & Visual Comfort
  • Energy Conservation
  • Environmental Friendly Building Materials
  • Climatic & Sustainable Landscape Design
  • Climatic & Sustainable Urban Planning

Green Standards

Research & EcoDesign verifies compliance with key green standards:

  • LEED standard, daylighting credit 8.1 (all options: simulation, prescriptive, and measurement)
  • Israeli standard SI 5281 — Sustainable (Green) Buildings (the entire standard or only climatic sections)
  • Israeli standard SI 5282 — Energy Rating of Buildings (both prescriptive and performance options)
  • Israeli standard SI 1045 — Thermal Insulation of Buildings
  • Israeli standard SI 5068 — Fenestration Products in Buildings

Climatic Simulations

Research & EcoDesign carries out the following climatic simulations. These simulations can be carried out as a part of the consultation process or in response to a specific demand.

  • Shading & Solar Access
  • Optimal Shading
  • Daylight & Visual Comfort (including glare analysis)
  • Thermal Comfort & Energy Conservation
  • Natural Airflow (both Air Mass Flow and CFD)