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Jerusalem Court 2006


Proposal for District Court at Jerusalem (Architectural Competition)

Jerusalem, Israel, 2006, 37,000 sq m
Client: Israeli Ministry of Finance
Architecture:  R. Lahav, D. Eytan & R, & Rechter A.
RecoD Consulting: Climatic & Daylight Simulations

Lod Court


Proposal for District Court at Lod (Architectural Competition)

Lod, Israel, 2009, Area
Client: Shikun & Binui
Architecture: ELR/ARC Architects: D. Eytan & R. Lahav-Rigg
RecoD Consulting: Climatic & Daylight Simulations

Beer Sheva Government Building


Government Administration Center

Beer Sheva, Israel, 2005 (Built 2002-2006), 73,000 sq m
Owner: Israeli Ministry of Finance
Architecture: Lahav Rigg Architects & Town Planners, Prof. Len Warshaw
RecoD Consulting: Climatic Simulations for SB conference at Tokyo
Azrieli Prize for Urban Design, The Council for A Beautiful Israel, 2005

Herzelia City Hall


Herzelia City Hall

Herzliya, Israel, 2009-2013, 14,400 sq m
Owner: Herzliya Municipality
Architecture: MYS Architects
RecoD Consulting: Shading, Natural Ventilation, & Energy Conservation
(Collaboration with Eshel Environmental Quality and Acoustics Ltd)