Research & EcoDesign (RecoD): Sustainability in Architectural Design and Consulting

Sustainability: From Design to Implementation

Research & EcoDesign, a leader in sustainable architectural design, consulting, and green building. Our primary goal is to provide effective, reliable, and professional information to the architectural practice. The office offers a variety of services for building sustainability in a range of project types. These include consultation services, architectural design, and practical research. Consultation and design are based on advanced climatic simulations. This enables scientific evaluation and improvement to design concepts from early stages of the design process. Additionally, climate modeling from these early stages eases compliance with various green standards.

Sustainability in architecture is more than simply energy conservation through passive heating and cooling. Sustainability encompasses a broad field of topics. Some aim to improve conditions for occupants, such as (indoor) thermal comfort, quality daylighting, proper ventilation and air quality and alternative transportation. A green building has pleasant, refreshing, and healthy indoor environments. Green buildings also improve occupant work productivity. Other considerations protect nearby pedestrians and the occupants of surrounding buildings, such as preservation of solar rights and attention to a building’s affect on wind patterns. Issues such as waste separation and treatment, attention to local ecological features, water infiltration and the use of ‘green’ materials reduces a building’s ecological footprint, both locally and on a global scale. 

Our dedication to green building is firmly grounded in reality. We know that green building does not have to come at a high price. Our offices prioritize financial saving throughout the various stages of building design and operation, reaching project goals while staying within budget constraints.

Since 2003 the firm has successfully supported numerous projects in meeting their sustainability goals. These projects include various types of buildings: from educational to residential buildings, offices, commercial centers, public buildings and sport centers. We have aided in the development of advanced building façades, as well as a variety of urban planning projects.

Research & EcoDesign has a wide range of clients, from local authorities to government offices, developers, architects and planners, consultants, and home owners.