Research & EcoDesign (RecoD) – a leading architectural design and consulting firm,
specializing in building energy conservation and sustainability.

The firm provides the services of consultation, design, and practical-research, for achieving energy conservation, sustainability, thermal comfort, and quality daylighting. The consultation and design are based on carrying out advanced climatic simulations, which enable, already in early stages of the design process, scientific evaluation and improvement of the design concepts; and compliance with various green standards.

The firm helps in achieving high climatic standards, financial saving in the building operation, and improvement of work productivity. It also promotes pleasant, awakening, and healthy indoor environment.

Since 2003 the firm has successfully supported numerous projects, including urban planning; various types of buildings such as educational, residential, offices, commercial, public, and sport centers; and the development of advance building façades.

Research & EcoDesign has a wide range of clients including local authorities, government offices, developers, architects and planners, consultants, and home owners.