Research & EcoDesign (RecoD) – a leading architectural design and consulting firm,
specializing in building energy conservation and sustainability.

The firm provides the services of consultation, design, and practical-research, for achieving energy conservation, sustainability, thermal comfort, and quality daylighting. The consultation and design are based on carrying out advanced climatic simulations, which enable, already in early stages of the design process, scientific evaluation and improvement of the design concepts; and compliance with various green standards.

The firm helps in achieving high climatic standards, financial saving in the building operation, and improvement of work productivity. It also promotes pleasant, awakening, and healthy indoor environment.

Since 2003 the firm has successfully supported numerous projects, including urban planning; various types of buildings such as educational, residential, offices, commercial, public, and sport centers; and the development of advance building façades.


Architect Dr. Eran Kaftan  – B.Sc, B.Arch, M.Arch, & Ph.D.

Founding director of Research & EcoDesign; received a Ph.D. degree from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the Desert Architecture and Urban Planning Unit, and a Master degree in architecture from the University of Arizona, Design & Energy Conservation Program. Dr. Kaftan is the developer of innovative model for calculating optimal shading, which was integrated within the software Ecotect-Autodesk and SHADERADE (of Harvard University). He is also a lecturer in various green building courses. For more details see CV.


Our prime goal is to provide effective, reliable, and professional information to the architectural practice. Doing this, we aim to support our clients in the best possible way as well as advance global energy conservation and sustainability.

Our vision is a world where vernacular and innovative architectural technologies work with the dynamic natural environment, rather than control it.


Research & EcoDesign supports projects by a unique integration of complementary skills: on the one hand architectural, including practical approach, comprehensive thinking, and creativity; and on the other hand substantial academic background, promoting excellence, innovation, accuracy, and credibility.

RecoD-TargetsThese diverse qualities enable Research & EcoDesign to provide a complete service, well integrated within the design process, from initial design, through construction, to occupancy. The service is based on scientific evaluation, using advanced simulations of design alternatives and post occupancy measurements.

Research & EcoDesign promises significant contribution already in early stages of the design, compliance with green standards, and a high level of performance after occupancy.

Beside its unique methodology, Research & EcoDesign has extensive experience in green buildings design; and it is committed to provide excellent service, in a tight-schedule, and a competitive cost.


Research & EcoDesign has a wide range of clients including local authorities, government offices, developers, architects and planners, consultants, and home owners.